Armory – Now live on Chromiecraft!

We have some fantastic news, our dearest Time Travelers!

Lord Roboto has been extremely hard at work, implementing an armory fit for Chromiecraft! This has been an enormous piece of work done from scratch which we hope you will all love as much as we all do!


Below are a couple of its functionalities:

– A 3D render of your character using updated Legion models so you look your very best!


– The ability to show off your mount collection. Click the mount button and all your learned mounts will be visible, you can choose what you want to ride and it will display on your character.


– An in-depth look at guilds, including your own guild tabard and player ranks.


– A complete list of all your achievements and HKs.


– A view of your talents including secondary spec if you have purchased dual spec.



We thank you for playing here on Chromiecraft and appreciate your patience whilst we continue to strive to provide you with the best WoW 3.3.5 core for all, for free. Enjoy this new functionality!

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