A year in review – Chromiecraft 2023

Dear Time Travelers,

Its the end of 2023 and what a year its been! We started the year with fresh faces in the Outlands and a level cap of 64, 8 brackets later SSC is our current bracket at the time of writing and The Eye (Tempest Keep) has had work started on it already. This year, we want to do something a bit different to bring in the New Year, our own version of the popular ‘A year in review’!

All information is from the 1st January 2023 to 20th December 2023.

  • 434 confirmed bugs reported
  • 1917 commits (PR’s) to Azerothcore – Nyeriah in first place with 265!
  • Over 22 million Chromiepoints (CP) given out for free to our community – worth over €17,000 (Seventeen Thousand euros)
  • More than 190,000 (One hundred and ninety thousand) characters created in total, of which over 50,000 (fifty thousand) were created in 2023. Over 20,000 (twenty thousand) new accounts were created this year.
  • 123 unique countries had at least one active character play on Chromiecraft.
  • We celebrated 3 years online by renewing our hosting for the server for a further 2 years!
  • 14086 characters have defeated Omor the Unscarred in Hellfire Ramparts
  • 8539 characters have killed at least one rare creature in Outlands
  • 4786 characters have gained the ‘Hills Like White Elekk’ from Hemet Nesingwary in Nagrand
  • 3673 characters were victorious over Gruul the Dragonslayer
  • 1411 characters have won at least one Eye of the Storm
  • 296 characters have fished something from all 6 kinds of schools in Outland
  • 2358 tickets responded to and resolved on our discord server for every player issue you could imagine!

We have made some massive strides towards ensuring Azerothcore is the best 3.3.5 core out there, always free for all and all fixes made available to all, forever in 2023. We do now however that certain things can frustrate at times. Chromiecraft is a passion project made by a handful of individuals in their free time, we all have our own full time jobs we take care of and as always, 100% of any donations we gratefully receive gets reinvested into the server (fun fact, the admins have never taken a single cent out of Chromiecraft for ourselves). We can promise we haven’t ever and won’t ever sell any sort of player gear, boosts, privileges or power. You might want to sign up to this here link for some new juicy stuff in the New Year however, cannot mention more than that currently sorry!

To tease an incoming change in the new year, our testing will undergo a complete transformation to be much more accesible to all (and not just guilds mainly as it currently is) and structures are being put in place and hope this will allow us to scale our commitments and ambitions with the project.

Last but not least, we need to as always say thank you to our incredible team of contributors which enable us to continue on our mission and of course you, our players for making Chromiecraft the most incredible community we can imagine. If you think 2023 was a solid year for the server (it was our best year yet in terms of our mission statement), 2024 will be bigger and better for all!

Have an absolutely fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2024. May you and your families all be healthy and happy for the rest of time!

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