50-59 Tier 0 A Release Date

Dear Time Travelers,

Firstly, a huge warm welcome to all of our new players here on Chromiecraft. We have been hitting new population peaks on an almost daily basis. As of this announcement we have hit a new connection peak record of 803 players! It feels like such a long time ago when we could count all online players using just our fingers and toes so thank you for believing in and choosing Chromiecraft.

We also understand some of the frustrations with the lack of any news (insert soon™ joke here) about the next bracket. This is especially true as the previous brackets have all lasted approximately 2 months long each. With the easing of restrictions around the world, real-life has also been hitting the team’s resources hard with work, vacations, family visits, country relocation’s and just some good old time off all putting a dent in our progress on server improvements and fixes over these last few summer months.

Chromiecraft was created as a non-profit server (100% of all donations are re-invested into the server) to improve and perfect the open-source AzerothCore, making all the fixes and improvements available for free to everyone. Whilst we have recently started to take on some freelancer developers, all of the staff here work for no financial reward during our free time.

Everyone available has been hard at work doing what they can to help us continue our journey into the next bracket, from reporting bugs, helping bug triaging to helping test PRs. We take this time as well to remind you that anybody can help contribute as well, coding knowledge is not mandatory!

With all the above said, we are pleased to announce that the 50-59 bracket will launch on 2nd October!

We do understand that this means one more month on the current bracket. This however will allow us to attack current existing bugs and issues. This will also allow us more time to fully prepare for the upcoming brackets. Meanwhile, we shall be holding more events on the run-up to the latest bracket, for those who use discord don’t forget to join our channel and keep an eye out for the in-game announcements to ensure you don’t miss out on these. Thank you for choosing to spend your time playing here. Thanks for your understanding and your continued patience. Lastly, thank you for your belief in Chromiecraft!

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