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Cheats / Hacks

We will perma-ban for the use of cheats or hacks. That is for any and all accounts associated with the accused player. No discussions, no appeals.


We will sanction abuse of the BG queue in any possible way. You must join any battleground which you receive an invite for, since not doing so may lead to unbalanced teams. If you are in queue and no longer wish to join BG, remove yourself from the queue before the BG starts. We will take action against any misuse. Also, win-trading is strictly forbidden.

Chats and general behavior

GMs and Staff members are not babysitters. If a player annoys you, we recommend using the IGNORE feature of the game. The Staff will intervene only in case of severe abuse (racism, homophobia, etc…). Do not start any drama in-game or on Discord.


Impacting other players gameplay in a negative way over an extended period of time is considered griefing and subject to be santioned. This explicitly covers continuous killing of quest NPCs in lower level areas.

The World channel is our holy grail and we moderate it to be Family friendly at all times. All kinds of derogatory or explicit language is strictly forbidden here. Our GMs are advised to take action against anyone not following this rule.

  1. Don’t spam.
  2. Be respectful of your fellow players and staff.
  3. Do not spread false or speculative information about the realm or staff.
  4. Advertising of any products or services is not permitted. This includes the advertising of other projects and your personal businesses, as well as selling characters, items or other services of any kind for real world goods.
  5. Impersonation of staff is a serious offense.
  6. We will not be tolerate any of the following in chat or voice channels: Racism – Sexism – Violence – Sexual – Orientation Slurs – Hate Speech of ANY kind – Any illegal or illicit activity – Excessive derogatory or explicit language – Pornographic or otherwise inappropriate links. If you encounter this behavior on any of our platforms, please notify a Warden or Staff member immediately via Discord.



We allow it, as long as the player sticks with the following:

  1. From the moment you run multiple accounts, you may not queue for Battlegrounds and you may not participate in World PvP of any kind. That is neither by attacking, nor defending yourself. You must stay unflagged for PvP. This includes World PvP events such as Gurubashi Arena, Eastern Plague Lands, Silithus, Hellfire Peninsula, Terrokar Forrest, Wintergrasp and others.
  2. We do not allow to harm the economy e.g. by camping rare spawns with a toon each. If you play multiple accounts, play them in one place. If you as a multi-boxer and another single-player compete for one kind of spawn, the single player will gain priority. You, as the multi-boxer, must leave the place if there are not enough mobs for everyone.


Registering multiple accounts

We do allow registering up to 5 accounts per player as long as the owner of multiple accounts does not abuse this possibility. We consider abusing ANY action that negatively impacts the gameplay of other people, which you would normally not be able to do with 1 account only. This applies both to abuses done when multiboxing (i.e. using multiple accounts at the same time) as well as abuses done by logging multiple accounts one by one.
Trying to log a 6th account from the same IP will lead to a failed connection attempt.

Any and all attempts to bypass the 5-accounts-per-IP limit to create and/or play more than 5 accounts for a single player (no matter if at once or one after another) will lead to permanent bans. If you own more than 5 accounts already, you need to abandon the extra accounts.


Anyone not respecting the above will get a permanent account ban and complete deletion of their characters. An account ban is an account removal due to server rules violations. An IP ban, on the other hand, is a complete player removal due to repeated server rules and/or harm violations.

We reserve rights to take action against any and all accounts which we associate with a player who violated our rules. There will be no arguments regarding roommates, family members, cats sleeping on the keyboard or stolen accounts in a public wi-fi. All players are responsible for the security of their accounts themselves. Just like you are legally responsible for any crimes perpetrated from your own home network.

Staff members reserve the right to take action against accounts for any malicious behavior, even if not explicitly covered in these rules. These rules may also be updated without notice at any time.

A password will be emailed to you.