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Server rates

  • All rates are 1x according to the original game version 3.3.5a (WOTLK) unless otherwise specified in this page
  • Please note that the 3.3.5a 1x exp rate is slightly faster than WoW Classic 1x
  • XP rate in Battlegrounds is 2x

Custom features

We offer a blizz-like flavored gaming experience with a minimal amount of (small) customizations that are only aimed to improve the QoL of the players.

Such minor customizations are, for example, free talent reset, restore HP and mana after dueling, portals available in all capitals, etc.

  • .carboncopy      The CarbonCopy module can copy your characters. Before leveling past a bracket, you can use it to enjoy the range again later. See for details.
  • .raf    Serves to retrieve info about Recruit-a-Friend and also to summon your recruit.
  • .xp on/off      Turns your XP gains on or off anytime at no cost.
  • .beta activate      Allows progression past the “stable” level cap


Development and bug finding/fixing:

.npc info    This command prints the unique GUID and the Entry (type) of your current target. If you come across a bugged NPC, tell the developer about these numbers in your GitHub issue.


.gobject near       It prints data about all game objects 10m around your current position. This is useful for example if you see multiple nodes within a few meters of each other. Or if nodes spawn inside of each other simultaneously.

.gobject near 20      The number will change the scan distance.


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