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Bountysource is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to sponsor any open source project by placing “bounties” (money rewards) for the resolution of issues reported on GitHub. Whoever will fix that issue, will get the money from the bounty. The issues of GitHub are typically bug reports, but can also be feature requests or other kinds of activities that improve our project.

All transactions in Bountysource are completely open. Per every issue, it is possible to see the list of backers (i.e. the people/organizations who placed money for the resolution of that issue) and the developer who claimed the bounty. Bountysource keeps a small fee for their services per every transaction. More info about Bountysource can be read on Wikipedia or on the official Bountysource website.

ChromieCraft actively and proudly sponsors the AzerothCore project using Bountysource. We are currently the top-backer of AzerothCore. The more donations we receive, the more money we will invest in the AzerothCore open-source development.


Who is entitled to earn the bounties?

It is worth noting that solving an issue and claiming the bounty is not restricted to regular contributors, rather literally EVERYONE can do it.

Once a bounty has been placed on an issue, the first developer who provides a solution will be entitled to claim the bounty. This is how Bountysource works.

How can ChromieCraft claim to be a non-profit organization if you earn money yourself via Bountysource?

The legal owners of ChromieCraft (i.e. the admins of the project) Yehonal, Shin, and Helias are the people who manage the donations and are committed to re-invest all the income into the project. This avoids any kind of conflict of interest.

Admins do not go after bounties, but what happens if an admin solves an issue on GitHub that had a bounty on it?

The answer is simple: they re-invest the bounty into the AC Bountysource organization (yes, Bountysource allowed that without any additional fees!):

Re-investing the bounty to the Bountysource AzerothCore organisation

While all the 3 admins of ChromieCraft are committed to re-invest anything they might get via Bountysource into the project, this does not apply to other collaborators (including AzerothCore or ChromieCraft Staff members), who can individually choose what to do with the bounties they win.


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