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About ChromieCraft

ChromieCraft is a Blizzlike 3.3.5 PvE and PvP server unlike anything you’ve played on before.
This server is powered by AzerothCore for the AzerothCore community.

Key Features

CURRENTLY IN OPEN BETA (more info below)
• 3.3.5 Wrath of the Lich King Server
open-source development
• NO-PROFIT: 100% of donations will be re-invested in: development, host & advertisements cost
• Friendly and Welcoming Community
• Blizzlike Rates and Progression
Staggered Release of Raid Tiers/Level Caps*
• RP-PvE Focus + PvP Twink Opportunities
• No Pay-to-Win Mechanics

Extremely progressive

*We intend to stagger the release of content in steps starting with level caps set at 19, 29, 39, etc. In addition to this, we will be releasing raid tiers and seasons in a Blizzlike fashion over time. This is so that we can collect bug reports and work on fixing every tier of the game so as to further the development of AzerothCore. Current level cap: 19.

Mission Statement

Most private servers will package up projects like TrinityCore or AzerothCore in wrapping paper and selfishly keep their development fixes to themselves despite using an open-source foundation to make their server. When the server inevitably dies, the fixes are lost with it (see this article). ChromieCraft will be run by the AzerothCore team to benefit the open-source project. This means that all bug reports submitted and all fixes we make will go towards the development of open-source project AzerothCore. In addition to this, all donations will be put towards covering hosting costs and AzerothCore bounty programs.  This server will not be running for profit and there will be no donator pay-to-win mechanics. Not now, not ever. There may be donator rewards which do not affect the game such as titles, mounts, or pets. Thank you for joining us and make sure to have fun and enjoy your stay.


Please note: we are currently in an open beta phase. This does NOT mean that the server is unstable or not playable. Quite the contrary: – most of the contents should be already playable – there are daily backup of characters and accounts, so all your progress will be saved.
HOWEVER, during this phase: – we are not actively advertising the server (so expect low population initially) – tickets are disabled, but you can ask for support on Discord and we will help you as soon as possible – we are focussing on making everything ready, so you can expect more server restarts than usual (they will be announced and there will be a countdown, of course) – you are more than welcome to bring your friends here and make play the open beta together with us, just make them aware of the above.
A password will be emailed to you.